About Impact Investing Firms

We each operate our own separate businesses, but are united by our commitment to provide clients with the highest quality of advice. Here are the requirements to be listed as a member of our network:

  • Appropriately registered as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
  • Have a strict fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients at all times
  • Operate as a fee-only financial advisor, meaning that we don’t collect any kinds of commissions or kickbacks for the recommendations we make to clients
  • Have no derogatory marks on our records as financial professionals
  • Focus primarily on providing comprehensive financial planning to clients, rather than solely managing investments
  • Experienced in providing professional financial planning services to individuals
  • Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing is a primary component of our practice.
  • Committed to continually furthering our education in order to better serve clients
  • Own or work at an independent financial planning firm, without the complications and conflicts that may exist among advisors at large broker-dealers or insurance companies
  • Have a positive reputation
  • Maintain their status as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®), or be recognized as a CFP® candidate currently pursuing the designation. 
  • Currently accepting new clients to work with

Choosing from our trusted network of Impact Investing Firms ensures that you will always be in good hands.

Please visit our Advisors page to find the right financial advisor to help answer questions about your financial life and feel confident about your future.

Note: If you are an independent fee-only financial advisor specializing in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing interested in applying to join our network, please contact Bill Holliday for details. There is no fee to join Impact Investing Firms. We request that you:

  • post a link to impactinvestingfirms.com on your home page
  • provide an original blog post each year
  • provide one new backlink each year

When you work with one of our Impact Financial Planning Firms, you are working with a fee-only (fiduciary) financial advisor who specializes in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing.